Committed to the people and community of High River,Alberta
Located just 5 minutes outside the Canadian city of High River, Cargill Beef's High River facility was constructed in 1989. Employing 2097 people, the facility's buildings comprise 537,263 square feet of the 153.88 acre property.

As one of nine Cargill Beef Facilities, the High River facility is committed to being sensitive to the people and the community in which they have a significant presence, as well as the safety of all.  They are also dedicated to treatingthe animals in their care with respect, reserving natural resources and maintaining a healthy enviroment.

  • Employs 2,097 people
  • 52 Nations represented by employee population
  • 96.9 million in wages and salaries paid in annual payroll
  • First and second shifts operated on weekdays and as needed on weekends

The High River facility is committed to corporate responsibity, seekingto help build a strong, vital and safe local community. For fiscal year 2013, the facility donated a total of $114,408.49 to organizations such as:
  • Canadian Meat Council
  • High River District Health Care Foundation
  • High River Salvation Army
  • Juniot Achievment of Southern Alberta
  • Rowan House Emergency Women's Shelter
  • Stars Foundation
  • Town of High River
  • Town of Okotoks.

Additionally, the facility has hosted the Fred Free Charity Golf Tournament for many years.
Proceeds from the 2012/2013 tournament resulted in$24,431 to the Kids Cancer Care Foundation and $24,431 to the High River Hospital Foundation.

ISO 14001 Enviromental Management Systems
  • British Retail Consortiom (BRC) certification
  • Hazzard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) certification
  • Supervisor safety meetings by area
  • SIF Communications and assessments
  • Targeted department safety plans
  • Technical Safety part of Safety Team
  • Health Service/Safety/Production team approach to proactive health management
  • Safety lead hand developement
  • Rescue training and awareness periodically given to local law enforcement and fire departments

  • 4500 cattle processed daily
  • 775,000 tons of processing annually
  • Animal handling specialists
  • Plant policies based on American Meat Institute (AMI)
  • Adhere to animal welfare and handling guidelines established by the AMI
  • Practices designed to keep animal stress at a minimum
  • Annual training for animal-handling employees
  • Animal welfare dock monitors embedded into each shift

Natural Resources and Healthy Enviroment
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Systems
The High River facility is dedicated to preserving natural resources and maintaining a healthy enviroment. Within the last fiscal year, the facility invested in a fluidized bed boiler to allow the burning of specified risk materials and other waste streams, eliminating landfill waste. The recycled process steam from the turbine replaces a portion of the  natural gas-generated steam for the facility. This process replaces approximately 12 percent of the plant's electrical load and 60 percent of the plants steam load by using waste streams rather than purchasing the electricity or natural gas from the commercial distribution grid.

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